Three Worlds Meet (Beginnings to 1620)


Mr. Burnett's Notes



 Interaction on Three Continents
I. The Americas
Migration Theories
Bering Land Bridge - historical and cultural significance
Beringian Paleoenvironmental Atlas - provides historical and geologic information on past climates and environments in this region of northwestern North America and northeastern Asia.
Prehistoric Beringia - covers the history of the land mass and evidence of human migration patterns through the area.
From the Land Called Beringia - discussion of the different groups that may have used this northern land bridge once connecting Siberia and Alaska.
Native Peoples of North America: Origins - theories, methods and evidence of how the Americas were populated
Early Man in North America: The Known to the Unknown
Native Americans
Mississippian Mound Builders
Cahokia Mound Links
Maps - GIS Windows on Native Lands, Current Places, and History
Eduscapes - A Site For Life Long Learners - numerous links
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - Historical Maps of the United States
Native Americans: The First Peoples - The Greatest Native American Search Engine on the Internet
American Indian Tribal Directory - Locate federally recognized tribes by tribe, by state and by city/state.
NativeWeb: Resources for Indigenous Cultures Around the World - Developed by a group of historians, independent scholars, and activists, NativeWeb offers a gateway to more than 4,000 historical and contemporary resources relating to over 250 separate nations.
The Origin of the Iroquois Nation
Native Americans - Internet Resources
II. Western Europe
Life in the Middle Ages
Medieval History - Life in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
NetSerf - The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
Pathfinders - Links to General Information of Europe during the Middle Ages
Characteristics of European Feudalism
Medieval Gender Roles
Capitalism in Europe
Crusades - A Guide to Online Research
Relative Progress - Eurasia and Pre-Columbian America
European Exploration
Age of Exploration - motivation, sponsoring countries, explorers
Norse Expansion into North America
1492: An Ongoing Voyage - What was life like in those areas before 1492? What spurred European expansion?  How did European, African and American peoples react to each other? What were some of the immediate results
of these contacts?
Age of Discovery 1340-1600 - world map illustrating the routes and events of Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, and Dutch explorers.
Age of Exploration Time Line - from 3200 BCE to 1779.
World Affairs - description of activities of major nations
Treaty of Tordesillas
The Science of Sailing the World - how the Portugese inventions influenced the age of exploration
III.  Africa
Africa -
Brief introduction to civilizations
History of the Continent of Africa - Throughout the Post-Classical period, a myriad of civilizations arose on the continent of Africa. One factor was the rise of trading societies; another was the flood of wealth into the Continent.  These pages discuss aspects of each civilization in great detail. 
Timbuktu - historically important as a post on
the trans-Saharan caravan route
Mali - one of the great civilizations in Africa
Mr. Dowling's Virtual Classroom - discover African civilizations

 Early European Exploration and Colonization
I. Christopher Columbus
1492: An Ongoing Voyage
Christopher Columbus - Man and Myth
Columbus and His Digestive Issues
The Columbus Doors: Mythmaking in the U.S. Capitol
The Columbus Navigation Homepage Examining the History, Navigation, and Landfall of Christopher Columbus
II. The Columbian Exchange
Seeds of Change Garden - the Columbian Exchange
The Columbian Exchange: A Clash With Nature
Effects of European Diseases on the Inhabitants of the New World
III. The Role of Religion
Beyond the Myth of The Inquisition: Ours Is "The Golden Age"
Viewes and the Viewed : "Black Legends"
Spanish Treatment of the Indians
IV. The High Seas
The New England Pirate Museum
V. Spanish Colonization
Diplomacy and War in Spanish Relations with the New World
The Americas that Might Have Been
Spanish Conquest
Mexico: Pre-Columbian History

Three Worlds Meet - Indian Societies, West African Cultures, European Voyages of Exploration, Spanish and Portugese Conquests
Voyages of Exploration
The First Americans
African Slave Trade

Age of Exploration Timeline
Ancient Africa
African Empires
African Slave Trade and European Imperialism
A Christopher Columbus Timeline
20 Major Events of Exploration
Native Americans from the Pre-Columbian Era to Present

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