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 Historical Documents
Mayflower Compact
Common Sense
Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation
Louisiana Purchase
Gettysburg Address
I Have a Dream
Historical Documents Subject Index

United States History Chronology - 1492-1999
Thematic Timelines

Maps - Great links to tons of Educational Maps
Map Collections: 1544-1996 Library of Congress
Historical U.S. Maps - Divided by historical topic
Hargrett Rare Map Collection - original maps
Color Landform Maps of the United States
U.S. Topographical Map
Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Changes
Excite - State Attractions
National Geographic -Political and Physical Map
Blackline Masters - Printable Black and White Maps

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Thomas - Congress
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American History Syllabus
The American Dream
American Culture - 2001
History 121 - Lecture Summaries
Crossroads - A K-16 American History Curriculum
The Amazing Magnificent Colossal Cruise Through Time and History - journey back in time to key periods in history
Curriculum Units by Yale-New Haven Institute
Assignment List for Teachers
America Rock - Schoolhouse Rock series - Lyrics, videos and more: the fun way to learn about history
Librarians Index to the Internet - links to comprehensive research sites on the internet
Studyweb - Ranks websites by student interest level and picture content
US History Resources Index - 1200 connections to sites of possible interest to students of United States History
US History Interactive - biographies, documents, quizzes
America's Homepage
History Buff's Homepage newspaper collections
HyperHistory Online - Details regarding American history can be found at this site which provides information about historic events, timelines, civilizations, wars, and people,
Revolution to Reconstruction: Collection of essays presented chronologically - Excellent resource!!!
Social Studies on the Web -topics divided by topic and previewed
Imperialism, World Wars and the 20th Century
AP United States History
AP United States History - Illinois
National History Standards