Poem of the Week Directions
March 13 - The End of the Year

Until the end of the year, you will be using a different format to analyze the poems.  Pat II: you will continue to find the figurative language throughout each poem.  You will then need to write down the type of figurative language as well as the author's intended meaning.  Part II: You will incorporate the poet's theme into a well written paragraph where you are able to express your own opinions on the subject.  This paragraph will be graded on content, vocabulary and mechanics (spelling, grammar).  Your paragraph will be 6-8 sentences long and you must have at least one sentence that starts with an adverb, one with a prepositional phrase, one with a transitional phrase, and one with an -ing verb.

What are transitional phrases?

What is a prepositional phrase?

Your topic sentence must be the theme of the poem you are analyzing.

Here is an example of what a paragraph would look like based on the poem "The Light in Your Eyes"

In life, people sometimes lose their happiness as they try to fit into society.  When children first start school, smiles cover their faces and each day offers a wealth of opportunities.  Tragically, as children mature, they lose some of their innocence as life throws them numerous challenges.  In adolescence, children learn what is "cool" is more important than what brings happiness.  Following their school careers, adults focus on making money and securing comfort for their families.  Somewhere along the line, happiness becomes a secondary priority.  People need to learn life is only enjoyable when a smile can accompany the attainment of goals.  If you never lose that "light in your eyes", the world will become your playground and you'll never have to fully "grow up".