The Pearl Test

Read each question carefully, then write T(true) or F(false) on the line next to the question.
1.     A scorpion stings Coyotito.
2.     At first, the doctor refuses to help Kino because he has no money.
3.     Juana prays to God that Coyotito gets healthy.
4.     Kino finds a pearl laying on the beach behind a rock.
5.     Kino wants to sell the pearl for a rifle, a proper wedding, and an education for Coyotito.
6.     Kino returns to the doctor once he has money.
7.     The great Oblacasca comes to inspect the pearl.
8.     Kino wants to throw the pearl away, but Juana stops him.
9.     The doctor hides Kino for two days for 200 pesos.
10.    Kino hears evil and pleasant music in his head.
11.    Kino kills a man trying to stop him.
12.    After Kino and Juana leave town, three men follow them.
13.    When Kino knows he is being followed, he heads to the ocean to hide their tracks.
14.    Kino and Juana walk in tracks made my cougars and tigers.
15.    Kino and Juana find an abandoned hut in which to hide.
16.    Kino takes off his clothes because he is warm.
17.    Juana was forced to suffocate Coyotito because he was crying loudly.
18.    Kino shoots Coyotito.
19.    Juana threw the pearl into the ocean.
20.    When Juana and Kino return, everyone in town is afraid of them.