Weekly Assignments/Homework
Classwork/Homework - Scheduled classwork and homework for each week. Work expectations and due dates might change due to unforseen classroom situations. 

Grades - Grades are updated weekly unless a holiday interferes. Grades are posted in descending order according to grade and are listed by student ID number. 

Problems of the Week (POWs) - Each week students receive questions or topics to research. Students have SEVEN days to complete the POWs. 

 Tests/Study Guides
Tests/Study Guides - As the year continues I will post exams and study guides after being used in class. 

Extra Credit Opportunities
  I. Quarter #1 - Due October 18  

Student Work 

I. Three Worlds Meet 

  • Columbus Notes 
  • How did Columbus’ description of the natives differ from his treatment? - Chloe
  • Were the Native Americans Really Primitive? - Ming 
  • How Did the Spanish take over the great civilizations of the Americas so easily? - Vincent 
  • What were the immediate and long term effects of the Columbian exchange? - Regina 

II. Colonization and Settlement 

III. Revolution and the New Nation 


IV. Expansion and Reform 

Indentured Servitude - Vincent

Textbook Assignment 
Project Requirements  
Project Example 
Due Dates 
Social Studies G Assigned #s  
Social Studies H Assigned #s   
Westward Expansion Scoring Sheet  
Economic Growth Scoring Sheet  
Countdown to Civil War Scoring Sheet  
Civil War Scoring Sheet  
Student Textbook Examples 
Westward Expansion and Economic Growth 


V. Civil War and Reconstruction 

Textbook Assignment 
Countdown to Civil War Scoring Sheet  
Civil War Scoring Sheet  
Civil War Parable
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Student B 

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