My Brother Sam is Dead : Response Questions

Answer each of the following questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.  Make
sure to support your answers with reasons and quotes.  Leave space
between each question for evidence of small group discussion.

This assignment must be completed in FINAL DRAFT FORMAT!!!

Chapter 1
Explain Mr. Meeker’s statement, “You may know principle, Sam, but I know

Chapter 2
Explain the statements that Mr. Meeker makes, “But you never get rid of
injustices by fighting” and Sam makes, “Either we’re going to be free or we’re
not.”  How is Mr. Meeker’s comment an argument against war?  How is Sam’s
comment an argument for war?  Which one do you agree with?  Why?

Chapter 3
How would you explain Tim’s statement, “It made me wonder how the war
was going to make us freer if you couldn’t read any paper you wanted any
more.”  What does this tell you about war and revolution in general?

Chapter 4
Tim said, “… anybody who joined the army to fight couldn’t be a coward.”  Do
you agree or disagree?  Why?

Chapter 5
Why do you think men like Tom Warrups could work for both the Patriots and
the Tories?  What is your opinion of people who take both sides of a dispute?

Chapter 6
What was the message in the letter?  Why was Mr. Heron sending it?  What
does this tell you about communication during this time period?

Chapter 7
How did the war affect Tim’s family (think beyond physical affects)?

Chapter 8
What did Tim really think about the war?  Had he made up his mind which
side he was on?

Chapter 9
What do you think happened to Mr. Meeker?  What impact will it have on

Chapter 10
Explain Tim’s statement, “I still hadn’t figured out what he was fighting for.  It
seemed to me that we’d been free all along."

Chapter 11
Mrs. Meeker begs Sam to come home after his father’s death.  Sam refuses.
Tim says that he realizes that his brother will never leave the army because
he thinks he is part of something big.  Explain what Tim means by “something

Chapter 12
Explain the statement, “In war the dead pay the debts for the living.”

Chapter 13
Patrick Henry, a famous Patriot, said, “Give me liberty or give me death!”
How might his words have inspired soldiers like Sam?

Chapter 14
What was the irony of Sam’s pending execution?  How is this similar to the
irony of what happened to Mr. Meeker?

What is your reaction to the statement, “But somehow, even fifty years later, I
keep thinking that there might have been another way, besides war, to
achieve the same end.”  Do you think the United States could have become a
nation without the Revolutionary War?