National Standards

 The Progressive Era/The Gilded Age

 I. Urban and Working Conditions

Plagues and Epidemics
Broken Childhoods - Child Labor Continues Today
Coal Mining - pictures and text.
How the Other Half Lives Full hypertext of Jacob Riis' landmark expose of New York City tenements. With illustrations.
Inside an American Factory
Films of the Westinghouse Works, 1904.
Child Labor in America
Populism and Progressivism
Brief History of Alternative Journalism - Muckraking
II. Immigration
Immigration in the Guilded Age and Progressive Era - from Humanities
Immigration and the Progressive Era
Euthenic America - Americanization 1890-1920
Americanization in 1998?
Congress Called Upon to Smooth Immigration Debate
History of Bilingual Education
Xenophobia: American Nativism
American West: European Emigration - Swedish focus with numerous other European migration stories
Ancestors in the Americas - companion site to the PBS series about Asian immigrants to the Americas.
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
The Gift of the Statue of Liberty
National Parks Service - Information about the Statue of Liberty
The Quad Cities
From One Life to Another - Experience the life of an immigrant
Patterns of Immigration
Letters from a Teenager
The Immigration Superhighway - Information on modern immigration issues
The Long Journey Home - Irish in America PBS special
Modern Immigrant Policy
American Immigrant Wall of Honor - search on-line for your family name
Immigration Museum
Virtual Field Trip - Follow 10th Grade Class
Pictures of Ellis Island
Immigration Photographs from 1900-1920
III. Political Progressivism
Cartoons of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era - from Ohio State University.
The Bull Moose Party
Progressive Governors
Hiram Johnson
Robert La Follette
Charles Evans Hughes
IV. Women and Minoritiy Viewpoints
Women's Demands for Political Power
Women of the Gilded Age
V. Organized Labor
Archaeologists Dig Into the Ludlow Massacre
In the Shadow of the IWW
The Industrial Workers of the World movement in the US.
Haymarket Riot
VI. Conservation
Evolution of the Conservation Movement
VII. Prohibition
Ohio Dry Campaign of 1918
Temperance and Prohibition
VIII. Robber Barons
Robber Barons
America Becomes an Industrial Giant
Famous Philanthropists

 American Foreign Affairs
Age of Imperialism
Explaining 1898: Conquest of Empire in the Gilded Age - written by Garrett Moritz.

 Postwar Period
Harlem Renaissance



Outline of the Gilded Age
Outline of the Progressive Era
Outline of the Roaring Twenties
The Progressive Era - Unit 9 Outline
Gilded Age and Progressive Era Resources
A collection of links indexed by topic.
The Progressive Period
The United States in the Progressive Era-Course Outline
American in the Gilded Age - marked by relentless capitalism, widespread corruption, vulgar tastes, and ostentatious displays of wealth.
Gilded Age - 1890 to World War I
Gilded Age - Text and Archives - from Hanover College.
Gilded Age and Monetary Questions
Gilded Age and Progressive Era Internet Resources
Gilded Page, The - collection of electronic texts written by US authors or widely read by Americans in the Gilded Age (loosely defined here as 1866-1901).
Great Homes of America's Gilded Age
Joan Waugh's Gilded Age
Progressive Era Links
United States in the Progressive Era
Class Web site from Swarthmore College, Department of History.
Political Capitalism in the Progressive Era
A collection of class lecture slides on the progressive era United States.
Bryan, William Jennings (1860-1925)
Fabulous Ruins of Detroit - the Gilded Age in Detroit.
St. Louis in the Gilded Age

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