The Crucible


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Resources/Lesson Plans
Curriculum Units - The Crucible
Dr. Gleason's Crucible Web Site
Dr. G's Crucible Assignments
Phil Coogan
SCORE Teacher's Guide
Kimmy Smith
The Crucible and McCarthyism
Cotton Mather: The Wonders of the Invisible World
Teacher's Guild

 Arthur Miller
Why I Wrote The Crucible - 1996 New Yorker piece in which Arthur Miller discusses his work on the play.
The Arthur Miller Society - nonprofit society promoting the study of Arthur Miller and his work.

Themes/Overview/Chapter Analysis and Summaries
ClassicNotes: The Crucible - resource includes summary, character list, author profile, and links.
Jen's Crucible Page - provides links to help students with homework that pertains to The Crucible.
MonkeyNotes: The Crucible - includes information about the author, play, characters, and other elements, plus act summaries.
An Illustrated Summary to Each Chapter
Sparknotes - summaries, plot, characters, includes a quiz

The Salem Witch Trials

The Red Scare