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AP US History Topics
Breakdown Given by College Board

Era Outlines

One Page Outlines of Above Topics with Notes

  1. Exploration
  2. Colonization
  3. Life in the Colonies
  4. Causes of the Revolution
  5. Critical Period
  6. Making a Nation
  7. War of 1812
  8. Jacksonian Democracy
  9. Creating an American Culture
  10. Native American Treatment
  11. Sectional Differences
  12. Westward Expansion
  13. Causes of the Civil War
  14. The Civil War
  15. Reconstruction
  16. Industrialization and Corporate Consolidation
  17. Gilded Age: Politics and Urbanization
  18. Foreign Policy - 1865-1914
  19. Progressive Era
  20. World War I
  21. The 1920s
  22. The Great Depression
  23. Foreign Policy in the 1930s
  24. World War II
  25. Truman and the Cold War
  26. Eisenhower and Modern Republicanism
  27. Kennedy's New Frontier
  28. Nixon
  29. The United States Since 1974
  30. Civil Rights Movement
  31. Women's Equality

Review Terms and Questions


Questions - if you can write a thoughtful paragraph on all of these questions, you should do great. 

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