Life in the Middle Ages
General Overview
  • Amazing Magnificent Colossal Cruise Through Time and History - travel back in time at this ThinkQuest site to learn about dinosaurs, Ancient Rome and Egypt, the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the American Revolution, and World War II.
  • Electronic Passport: The Middle Ages - middle school unit exploring many aspects of this time including feudalism, the Byzantine Empire, Vikings, Barabarians, and more.
  • Great Hall, The - learn about feudal life, religion, wars, weaponry, leaders, legends, magic, and alchemy during the middle ages.
  • History for Kids! - information designed specifically for middle school students about ancient Greece and Egypt, the Middle Ages, West Asia, and more!
  • Middle Ages - what was it really like to live in the Middle Ages? Learn about the daily life, their clothing and homes, health, entertainment, and much more. Very well organized and great information. One of my favorites. Grade:4-7
  • Middle Ages, The - good day traveler! Enjoy a journey into medieval times on these guided tours offered by a knight, a merchant, a nun, and a peasant. From EMuseum. Great original artifacts. Grade: 8-10 reading level
  • Peoples of the Dark Ages - great descriptions of the peoples of this time, including the Goths, Huns, Anglo-Saxons, Franks, and others. Grade: 9-11
  • Secrets of Lost Empires: Medieval Siege - experts examine medieval war strategies, weapons, and castle design. See how the devastating giant trebuchet could smash castle walls! Try to smash the castle using Shockwave animation. Grade: 3-6 Reading a bit dry.
  • Journey Through the Middle Ages - play a game and learn about castles and medieval topics such as feudalism, knights, entertainment. Follow hyperstudio links. Very kid friendly. Grade: 3-6
  • Life in the Middle Ages - student project that lets you step back in time to the days of imposing castles, knights in armor defending the kingdom, and noblemen ruling over the serfs. Engaging writing style with information and anecdotes. Grade: 6-8
  • Lincoln American School: The Middle Ages - this great site, made by 8th graders in Taiwan, has great info and pictures of people, events, and culture of the middle ages. Clever original artwork and research by students. Grade: 5-7
  • Learn About Middle Ages from Third Graders - Room 2 of Crocker Farm school offer descriptions and pictures of life in the middle ages. Grade 3+
  • Time Machine - This ThinkQuest Site give basic introduction to Middle Ages with pictures and key terms. Grade: 3-6
Art, Music and Food
  • Medieval Times - summaries about kings, artists, poets, and other interesting folks from this era, like Robin Hood, King Arthur, and Da Vinci. By primary students in Sydney, Australia.
  • Merrie Haskell's King Arthur Page - Stories and descriptions of main characters in King Arthur's tales. Grade: 6-8
  • Tales from Camelot - Story of Camelot retold by Mr. Pitchford's class. Great original pictures and story. A must see! Grade: 3-6
  • Murder of Thomas Becket - eyewitness account from a monk who saw the Archbishop of Canterbury murdered in 1170.



  • Kids' Castle - This is a very student friendly site with cartoon style animation and clear explanations. Explore each virtual area of this 1480 Nottingham Castle replica, meet the residents, and learn all about medieval castle life. Grade 3+
  • Castle Learning Center - By providing these castle research pages, we hope to encourage students of all ages to explore castles and to stimulate their creativity. Here you will find many areas of interest to help and guide you.
  • Build a Medieval Castle - Send directions to your computer to build a Middle Ages castle
  • Castles of Wales - explore some of the world's great historic treasures: the medieval castles of Wales. Grade 5-8.
  • Castles of Britain - learn all about the castles of England, Scotland, and Wales or check out the castle photo gallery.
  • Castles of Japan - take a tour around the castles of Japan on this great ThinkQuest site. You can learn about the history of the buildings, the design of the different types, and the ways they were used.
  • Castles at National Geographic - Follow the mouse for a tour through your own castle. You can also print out a maze to try to save the King. Grade: 3-6
  • Hearst Castle - An American Castle? This castle won't keep anyone out, but it sure shows what a man can do with a lot of money. Learn about visiting this historic home along the central California coast. Includes a slide show.